Lido Girasole

Lido Girasole

Pancratium maritimum, giglio di mare

The sea

The coast of Paestum extends for almost thirteen kilometers of beach, dune, psammofila vegetation, Mediterranean scrub and anthropic pine forest. A coast of high naturalistic and historical-cultural value where sea lilies still bloom. Blue Flag 2015.

The Bed and Breakfast La Chora di Paestum also offers the opportunity to enjoy the sun, the sea and the services of the Lido Girasole managed by the owners of the b & b.

La Chora di Paestum B&B - Via Laghetto 15

84047 Paestum (SA) Italia - 

Ph. 0828 72 32 25 / cell. (+39)330469578 / fax: 08281818853

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