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The Luci d'Artista Salerno event is a perfect opportunity to discover the city and appreciate its numerous artistic and natural beauties, including monuments, museums, suggestive places and to dedicate yourself to Christmas shopping in the shops and shops of the historic center in a atmosphere of festive serenity.

The now famous artist lights or luminarie are a cultural event that has been taking place for 10 years in Salerno in the winter (pre-Christmas). Every year from November to January the Salerno nights are illuminated by gigantic lights, real luminous works of art created by famous light artists. Furthermore, it is not difficult to meet street artists and musical groups on Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Salerno or in the area of the Merchants who cheer tourists and locals.

With the lighting of the Artist Lights, the large Ferris wheel (55 meters high) in the Concordia sub-square will also come into operation, while at the new Maritime Station the evocative and traditional sand nativity scenes will be set up.

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